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4 Kohler products every home should have.

The Kohler products you did not know about that your new home needs.

It is no surprise that Kohler is a company that prides itself on quality, reliability, and accessibility to every type of client and every type of home. As an Interior Designer, I want to recommend only the best to my clients and Kohler is the perfect match. Here are five products you may not know about but should add to your space.

Kohler plumbing in bold contemporary bathroom
Photo Credit: Kohler
1. Anthem Thermostatic Shower Panel

The Anthem Panel is the perfect replacement for your traditional shower system. This product allow you to minimize your equipment to give an overall cleaner sleeker look in your shower. And believe me when I tell you controls are durable and smooth to the touch. But that is not my favorite part about it - I love that the controls separate all your shower elements beautifully and clearly.

Kohler Anthem Thermostatic Valve Trim in Brass on limestone tile wall.

If you want this for your space - follow this link

2. Workstation Kitchen Sink

A workstation sink is the perfect piece to any Kitchen. When it comes to your kitchen, you need to maximize every ounce of functionality. This sink will give you everything you could wish for: extended countertop space, food prep, sleek design, and easy to clean.

Kohler Prolific Workstation sink with Cambria countertop

If you want this for your space - follow this link

3. HydroRail Shower Column

This all-in-one shower system is perfect for new build and remodels because it installs onto your existing rough-in regardless of the brand. Talk about a money saver! Not only is it DIY friendly but it stream lines your shower, easy to install, easy to clean and is packed with function. In my opinion, it the perfect piece for a Kid's Bath because of the dual rain and handshower setup.

Kohler Hydrorail Shower System in Matte Black

If you want this for your space - follow this link

4. Intelligent Toilet

This one is not exactly budget-friendly but it is a show stopper to say the least. Kohler's Intelligent toilets are definitely worth every penny. They are a bidet and toilet in one. It has all of the luxury feature you could dream of. From warmed seats, automatic lift seat, skirted base, to remote control and everything in between. I love not only all the features that it comes with but the comfort and sleekness as well.

Kohler intelligent Veil toilet with metal trim in bathroom.

If you want this for your space - follow this link

To learn more about how to perfectly achieve your Kohler Bath - let me know!

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