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Three Best Spaces to add Built-ins to in your Home.

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

A guide to where and why you need built-ins in your dream home.

Whether you are remodeling your home or building your custom dream home – you must make tons of design decisions. Some decisions are easier than others. It’s the more permanent ones that scare most homeowners and built-ins are on the top of that list.

Built-Ins are an integral architectural feature that not only enhances a home’s appearance but it’s functionality as well. They are incredibly versatile and in my opinion are a great addition to any home. The biggest question homeowners ask themselves is “ Will built-ins add resale value to my home?”. You will be happy to know the answer is Yes! Storage is on the top of every home-buyers list and Built-ins not only achieved that, but they look good doing it.

custom white dining room hutch cabinet

I bet you’re wondering, where should I add built-ins to add the most value to my home? I can help with that. Here are my top three spaces to add built-ins to your home:


Adding a custom built-in to your Dining Room is a non-negotiable in my book. This is a perfect location to add storage for dishware, serving ware, and more putting it right where you need it. This will free up so much space in your kitchen and pantry. My recommendation is to add a countertop so it can serve as a bar or even buffet when hosting friends and family. The perfect mix of storage and versatility.

custom countertop for built-in in dining room


As a mom, I can not stress this one enough. Having a less formal entryway that acts as a drop zone for all the stuff you need out of site sounds like a dream come true. Just imagine having a spot for the sports gear, backpacks, and all the shoes! I recommend adding doors and a cubby below the seat to make everything easy to grab and go.

rendering of Custom White Mudroom cabinets with seating


Every home is unique and some have small areas and corners that often feel like wasted space. Give those spaces new life by adding shelving or cabinets packed with details. Not only with this add new functionality to that area but will add tons of charm.

custom white bathroom built-in cubbies for towels

Our mission at Bella Casa is to create beautiful homes with function in mind. What a better way to accomplish that goal than with built-ins.

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