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5 Things I will NEVER do as an Interior Designer

There are not many design rules, but there are a few design faux paus that I would avoid at all costs.

When it comes to Interior Design, I believe that following your own taste and aesthetic is the most important rule. Many designers swear that you should not follows any rules to a T, but there are design faux paus that you should avoid like the plague.

Here are my 5 design decisions that I would never make in my own home:


Rugs are a crucial element to every space. It not only can ground a living space but warm it up as well. The biggest NO-NO is having a rug that is not the correct size or proportional to the space it is in.

A perfect rule of thumb is pick a size that touches every piece of furniture in the space. An area rug serves as an anchor for your furniture.


I can not stress this one enough. Buying a full matching set makes updating your space almost impossible. Collecting a variety of furniture gives your space more interest and a more curated look overall.


I have ben burned by this more times then I am proud of - from personal experience - never EVER buy anything for your home without measuring for it first. That means a piece of art, cabinets, sofa, lighting...the list goes on. Save yourself the headache and measure, more than once if your neurotic like me.


Lighting is crucial to completing the look, feel and function of a space. Not all light fixtures are created equal and some are meant for specific uses. For example, in a living room you want ambient lighting to set a cozy feel. This can be achieved with a combination of recessed lights (on a dimmer if possible) and accent lamps.


It is true - there is such thing as too many accents. The reason why, may not be what your thinking. A person's eye can only handle so much redirection before becoming over stimulated. You want your home to flow and draw the eye from space to space gracefully. Leave some air between each moment so that you can appreciate all the elements of your home.

Do not make these mistakes in your home. For more tips and tricks follow us on Instagram!

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