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Does your KITCHEN need a remodel or to be reorganized?

When a kitchen is not flowing and functioning, it is easy to assume that it needs to be gutted. That is not always the case! Sometimes a face-lift and some added functionality is all you need.

Before you can give your kitchen the necessary face-lift it needs to look and feel the way you want. You need to start with solving the organization and functionality issues. Here are my THREE tips to creating kitchen that functions to make your life easier:


Keep it close to what matters. You want to start with the main work stations: sink, cooking, dishwasher, and refrigeration. Think about the items that are need for each of these tasks and organize them as close as possible. For example: Baking Trays should be above or next to your oven. Check out my diagram below:


Only keep what you need! I know it is easier said then done. You want to make sure your working with only the necessities. Think about what you need most - tidy anything that you don’t use regularly away (or, if it’s never used, get rid of it), and rearrange your kitchen around your most frequent activities. People tend to have more than they actually need especially if it is considered 'useful' - keep it minimal.


Keeping all the necessary items together, tidy and ready for use if what will bring your kitchen to the next level. Adding organizational accessories are game changers when it comes to functionality. Some of my go-to accessories are trash can pullout, cookware pullout, tray divider, cutlery divider, utensil pullout, and spice drawer.

Did you find this super helpful, let us know in the comments.

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