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The Power of the PERFECT White Paint.

There’s more to the best white paint than meets the eye.

If you’re looking for the perfect color to brighten your space, you will never go wrong with a fresh coat of white paint. But it is no secret that white is the hardest color to pick. Finding the right shade can be a challenge because the undertones can be all over the spectrum from too pink, too yellow, too bright, or even too muddy. I am going to break down how to pick the perfect white paint to give your space the refresh it needs.

The Winning Whites

The biggest mistake everyone makes when choosing a white paint is assuming all whites are created equal. When selecting a white paint, you need to understand color theory. White is the only color that reflects all the colors of the spectrum unlike its counterpart – Black that absorbs surrounding colors. Understanding your undertones is how you’re going to make the perfect pick.

Before you make the final choice for your space, I recommend getting samples to understand how your lighting will impact the white color. Natural and artificial lighting impact whites in very different ways.

For spaces with plenty of natural light, you will want white paint with cool hues – undertones of blue. You will want to balance the warmth of the sun with the crisp cool color of the paint. My favorite Cool Whites are Super White by Benjamin Moore, Decorator’s White by Benjamin Moore, Extra White by Sherwin Williams, and Snow White by Benjamin Moore.

Warmer whites are the perfect complement to spaces that have cool accents. You must be careful to select a white without a heavy level of orange or yellow undertones. These warmer white pair beautifully with wooden accents and always give your space a cozy feel. My favorite warm white are White Dove by Benjamin Moore, Paper White by Benjamin Moore, and Alabaster by Sherwin Williams.

Are you looking for the easy pick that is a chameleon in practically every space it is in – you will want to go with Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore. This white has the perfect combination of warm and cool undertones to blend perfectly into every home.


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